Vibhsa Black Silverware 18 Pc's Breakfast Set (Service for 6)

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  • Made by artisan set of 6 dessert spoons,6 small forks, and 6 butter knives. Extra fine stainless steel cutlery set for kitchen with attractive twisted Handle
  • Food safe product with Silver and black finish.
  • Fork Size L:6.2, H: 0.4, W: 0.8
  • Spoon Size L:5.5, H: 0.4, W: 0.8
  • Butter Knife size L:6.2", H: 0.4", W: 0.8"
  • Use for tea, coffee, dessert, appetizers, perfect baby or toddler spoon, or any other need of a small utensil
  • Product should be hand washed for longer durability. Modern design, which goes with all your upscale settings. Do not clean in Dish Washer